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Our current literary journey begins as Portugese ships land on the beaches of Brazil and extends through five hundred years of the country’s history, all told through the lives of women.

Roadmap BRAZIL cover.png

Maria José Silveira begins Her Mother’s Mother’s Mother & her Daughters as the first Portuguese ships arrive on the shores of what we now consider Brazil, and continues through five centuries of history. In telling the story of a single family, readers become privy to the growth of a nation — and the evolution of loss: Some memories face a slow fade into oblivion, others are purposefully stripped from the records, and then there are some that are destroyed in a fit. Each chapter climbs one handhold higher on the branches of a family tree, and offers a close look at the parts that are too often cut off from history: the stories of women. In learning about these mothers and daughters we 
meet many visionaries, healers, and artists, yes, but retrospect bids us see that they are all locked in their own limited understanding of their time and place.

This edition’s custom-made ROADMAP will guide you through the legacy of slavery, the brutalization of native populations, and military dictatorship in Brazil. It will lead nearly to this current moment, in which we see the rise to power of Jair Bolsonaro, a man has said he would rather his sons be dead than gay, called a female colleague too ugly to rape, derided Afro-Brazilians as fat and lazy, expressed nostalgia for the country’s brutal military dictators, and denied the impact of climate change. 

Our current box guides subscribers through 500 years of Brazilian history, all told through the lives of women. Our next one will take you to Vietnam to explore the impact of the war on individuals.

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