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Subscribers have been transported from Guerrero, Mexico to Delhi, India to Aleppo, Syria. Our current literary journey begins in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and moves through Niger Delta where a woman is held hostage as indigenous communities are pitted against multinational oil companies. 


In the latest edition of THE ALIGNIST is a guide through  will take you into the depths of so many of the issues making headlines out of Nigeria from militant kidnappings to oil theft. 


Nigeria is one of the top 15 oil-producing countries in the world. Oil accounts for the vast majority of the country's government revenue and has earned billions for a few. And yet, Nigeria is home to more impoverished people than any other country— and was ranked dead last for its “commitment to reducing inequality” in a list compiled by international development organizations last year. 

Oil on Water dives deep into the divide between those who reap the spoils and those who live in the spills. Through the story of single woman’s kidnapping, Helon Habila unspools a story of how oil has held so many hostage in Nigeria.

This edition’s custom-made ROADMAP will guide you through the fraught history of oil production, as it plays out on ancestral lands and leaves behind only the fumes of new wealth for most people. As with any buried treasure, oil can be both a blessing and a curse.


Our next novel starts on a boat in the Niger River and will take you into the depths of so many of the issues making headlines out of Nigeria from militant kidnappings to oil theft. 


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The militant organization Boko Haram sent shockwaves around the world when it kidnapped more than 270 girls from a school in northern Nigeria. Despite widespread condemnation and an appeal to to #bringbackourgirls, they're still at it, having abducted more than 110 girls just this February. Our next featured novel will explore this grim reality and offer a sense of what it's like for people to live amidst militants in rural Nigeria.