With so much happening on the home front, everything beyond our borders seems to have receded further from view. Still, international news reports remind us that there is, in fact, a world out there. International literature reminds us that we’re all a part of that world. By reading novels from countries we’ve never stepped foot in, we walk in the shoes of strangers until they feel familiar. That’s what I hope you’ll get from THE ALIGNIST: a connection across great distances.

THE ALIGNIST sets the stage for you to get a sense of what life is actually like for people half a world away. Read the world with JUST THE FACTS, experience what you read with THE WHOLE STORY. Here's more about each subscription: 

  • A JUST THE FACTS subscription features a work of international literature from a different country every other month. Subscribers will receive an "informational roadmap" to guide them through the ground realities explored in the novel and be invited to a live Q&A with the novel's author and an expert on the issues the work deals with. 
  • THE WHOLE STORY subscription contains all that, plus an array of ethically-sourced products to make subscribers feel totally immersed in the world they're reading out. These items include local recipes from acclaimed chefs, fair-trade spices and teas, handmade crafts, and original artworks.

I hope you’ll consider signing up for this literary journey in a box.

Beenish Ahmed