In a world of constant news notifications and transfixing gleaming screens, this artfully and ethically curated box offers an escape. 

Sign up for THE ALIGNIST and receive a specially-selected work of international fiction from a different country every other month, along with our signature “ROADMAP” to guide you through the lived realities explored in the novel. Reading the two together with connect fact to fiction, resulting in an engaged, empathy-based understanding of the world. Delve in deeper through a live Q&A where you can connect with the novel's author and an expert on the issues addressed in fiction. 

A premium subscription adds to that the tastes, textures, sights, and sounds needed to be transported to a different country through carefully curated authentic recipes, artisan goods, and original local artwork. All of the items are ethically sourced so you won't just be understanding a new place, but giving back to it too. 


Understand the world.
One country and one novel at a time. 

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 Have a specially-selected work of international fiction delivered to your door, along with a custom-made "roadmap" to connect the story to the real world issues explored through fiction.



A work of fiction, "roadmap," and an array of artisanal goods, authentic recipes, and art objects from the featured country to make you feel like you're in the place you're reading about.

Every box from THE ALIGNIST is a new journey. 


Subscribers have been transported from Guerrero, Mexico to Delhi, India to Aleppo, Syria, and beyond.


With our current box, subscribers unpacked the history of the war in Vietnam through the story of a family that made it to the U.S. as refugees.